Wednesday, December 10, 2008

PETITION- India Peace Campaign

Dr. Manmohan Singh,
The Prime Minister of India

Room No. 152,
South Block, Raisina Hill,
New Delhi ,
India-110 001.

PETITION- India Peace Campaign

In the wake of the recent unfortunate events that have the shook the nation, the signatories of this petition are shocked, outraged and appalled. As concerned and responsible citizens of this nation we use this petition to express our extreme disappointment and discontent at the failure of the Government machinery in preventing and safeguarding the security of the common man.
The gruesome images of the Mumbai attacks are a stark reminder of our vulnerability-our porous borders and open waters. The fact that 10 terrorists were allowed to create havoc in the whole city underlines the basic fact; that how unprepared the whole system is. The image of a policeman fighting the terrorists having AK-47's with outdated rifles is a fearful one. What good is an ill-equipped security force in protecting the citizens?
After the Mumbai terror attacks, it is clear that armed security forces of India are the real heroes of our country. The retaliation by our security agencies despite so many limitations is inspiring to say the least.
We feel let down by our polity and the entire bureaucratic establishment of India.
The India Peace Campaign is a small initiative started by Eight college students and joined by people who shared their sentiments-The members of the India Peace Campaign are appalled ,saddened and disappointed at the same time at the callous nature adopted by the authorities in preventing (and subsequently controlling) such repeated acts of terror.
We believe that we voice the greater concern of the country when we ask for a peaceful India.

Our demand is simple: We want change. The signatories of the India Peace Campaign petition to the Government of India, the following remedial measures with immediate effect;
• With the safety of the citizens in your hands, a Federal Security System should be formed which would be better equipped to prevent and control unforeseen events that can be a threat to national security.
A better equipped security system requires efficient allocation of capital investment, adequate availability and access to the protective gear, arms and ammunition.
• A stronger intelligence network needed to better assess terrorist threats and report them across the security agencies so as to have a smooth transmission of information.
• Local law enforcement agencies should be better trained at crisis management, adequate availability and access to the protective gear, arms and ammunition.
• Sufficient Autonomy in security, investigative and intelligence agencies, higher level of freedom for decision making devoid of Political opportunism, to avoid filtered, misreported information and delayed action.
• Greater Remuneration Packages to our security personnel for their selfless service to the nation.

It is incumbent upon any government to ensure the security of its citizens. The Right to a Peaceful and Safe Life is one that we should not be forced to remind our governing authorities of or even fight for.
All that is needed is for those in seats of authority to deliver responsibly and hoping for this we request from the Government of India, under the leadership of the Prime Minister, that we are able to see the above necessary changes in the system, effective immediately.


India Peace Campaign

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