Monday, December 1, 2008


Its is that time when we all our receiving hundreds of emails, participating
in 100 different discussions/ debates, watching the NEWS 24/7 all as a
result of 10.11.08- that fateful day, if I may call it so.

The nation is numbed, shocked- to say the least.There is anger residing inside
each one of us that is looking for ways to erupt.We're all asking the same
Is there and END?
can WE put an end to all this? You, Me, Us- who like to call ourselves

There are endless statements/ quotes/ discussions on how its time to ACT,
its time to DO something, we are all sick of fluff backed by no substance.

Yes it is time to ACT....because for so long all our nation has done is

*"India Peace Campaign" is an initiative by a bunch of individuals who like
to call themselves "Regular Civilians". Its is a campaign with the idea of
"Leading the Change". What Change? A change in the mindset of the people we
can influence. A change in the thought process. A change that is the need of
the hour. The aim of the campaign is to gather like minded people
who believe in standing up for the cause of the nation- as a nation. We
believe in defeating the very objective of these unethical, inhuman and
nothing short of ridiculous group of individuals called Terrorists- which is
to create Fear. So we started this campaign to just spread the message of
peace, love, harmony and above all INDIANness. Lets beat these terrorists
down to their basics. Lets all use our network to re-unite the country, for
the cause of the country. This campaign is about the spirit of the commoner-
the common citizen of India who shall not be afraid, who shall not play the
blame game, who shall not cause religious disharmony as a consequence of
these continuous atrocities by a bunch of frenzied minds. We all unite
together against TERRORISM. *

This Campaign aims at gathering as many like minded individuals as possible.
If you feel the way we do and want to create impact in your own capacity
then Just join us in spreading across this message. Become "Good Will
Ambassadors" . We aim at making maximum such ambassadors of positive change
in order to influence mindsets, get Our India together and remind these
anti-social elements - They might be able to kill our monuments but they can
NEVER Kill our Spirits!.
Once we get enough responses , we shall proceed with the rest- a PEACE WALK,
a FREE HUGS MOVEMENT, a PETITION to the parliament, MEDIA and everything
else we all can do in our own capacity.

*We started this campaign without affiliation to any political party,
religious community, social section of the society, caste, creed,
organization or even university. We have started this as campaign as
Indians, but above all as concerned Individuals who want to defeat the
terror that's being created and unite the country- our Beloved Bharat.* Join
in if you feel the same way as we do.

To be a part of this campaign-
Send an email to
The subject of the email should be - good will ambassador
Please include your Full Name, Email address, Name of city (as well as phone
number, if you want to).

Kindly help us spread this message across.. Email this to all the people you
can and want to. It takes only a few minutes to spread this message,each member of this campaign matters.You'd be surprised at how much a few voices can accomplish.

The PEACE WALK is intended for a common date to happen simultaneously across more than 15 Indian Cities and in Countries (US,UK,France,Australia,Poland,and any other country you want it to happen in)

"Where the mind is without fear
And the head is held high
Into that heaven of freedom my father,
Let my country awake"
- Rabindranath Tagore

If something has to change, someone has to change it.
Are you up for leading the change?

PLEASE NOTE-Our GoodWill ambassador headcount is crucial at Facebook,the widely used social networking website.If you are a member of facebook,We request you to join us(and invite everybody who shares your and our sentiments on this issue) at our Campaign page with the following weblink or Click join us on facebook on the left:

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