Thursday, May 7, 2009

To Be or Not To Be

We want youthful leaders to run our country but what happens to the youth when it comes to voting. I always knew that they are many more like me who don’t much about Indian politics or the politicians other than a few prominent ones. I got my voter ID card made at the age of 18 but had never exercised my right to vote till now. This time when I had finally made up my mind that come what may(May 7) I’ll vote and also inspire my friends and family to do so. You all would be shocked to hear the kind of excuses that they made,In orange is what they said and in blue is what I replied :

1.Its too hot to step out Would you say the same if your girlfriend called up and said “I’ll waiting for you in GK M block Market around 2’o Clock for lunch.” I bet you would have made it before time even in scorching heat.

2.How does it matterIf it doesn't matter then why don't you try living in a non-democratic country like China where the government decides what you can search on Google or how many children you can have. We are blessed to have been born in a country where we can choose who are leader should be so why waste such an important right.

3.I’ve heard the queue is long  Oh really! If that's your reason for not voting then I am sure I would never see you waiting outside a Movie Theatre/Discotheque/Concert standing in a queue. Would you use the same excuse if Shakira or Iron Maiden was performing in your city and the queue would have been half a kilometre,I am sure you wont mind that.

4.I am a first time voter so if I skip they are hardly missing me  Till the time you don't start voting you will always remain a first timer and use the same excuse time and time again so get off your bean bag/bed/couch and just go for it.

5.Its not a weekend so I’ll finish off my pending work  Ya right,how could I forget that voting takes merely 5 minutes but that much amount of time can run you into a major business loss.

6.I never considered myself as an Indian,I am born in the UK/USA - I am proud of you my friend as you have lived in this country for 20+ years but just because you were born there and lived a few days of your life there that makes you more proud to be their national and not an Indian then shame on you. Why don’t you just move back to your native land as you are not even proud to be an Indian. I hope you know Our National song/animal or even the name of our first or current president.

7.How will my vote change the system Nobody can promise it will, but at least it can get better and gradually change or transform into what we always longed for.

8.They all are corrupt and good for nothing  In a way I agree but that's also are fault we bring the wrong people in the power and then let them stay forever even when we know that they were so many scams in their last term.If people of America also thought the same way then trust me then they would have got an inspirational leader like Barack Obama as their President – Lead the Change.

9.Voting is done my Lower Class people not by us  That’s the lamest I have ever heard but unfortunately its true. For the rich and the powerful its too L.S. (Low Society) to stand in the queue as there all low class people there standing like a herd of cattle. My answer to them – GET A LIFE!

10.Polling booth is a bit far off from my place Yes it maybe but not as far as your Gf/Bf’s place. Polling booth is always in the same locality just a few meters from your place or in extreme cases 1 or 2 kms to the max.

There are so many of them that each one of us would be able to relate to the above mentioned excuses as we would have made them at least once if not this time.

As this was the first time I exercised my right to vote I’ll urge all the nationals of this country to come forward and vote no matter whom you vote for and what the reason maybe but just do it. I know there are never ending problems we have with our country and its system but do answer it yourself which country in this world isn't lacking a good system. Luckily India is still not under the crunch of recession like UK or USA, I have family member living their and they aren't even sure if they would have their jobs the next day or not.

This list of doubts I have in my mind about the political system in India are as follows :

1.Why do we need Film stars for campaigning, aren't the leaders confident enough about themselves?

2.How come people with criminal background are allowed to contest elections?

3.Where on earth an illiterate person is given a chance to be a leader?

4.Leaders who are already under the scanner for frauds and scams are allowed to contest again and become leaders again.

5.How many of them have actually faced shortage of Food(Roti)/Clothes(Kapda)/Housing(Makaan) the three basic amenities for a human being which they keep claiming that they will provide to the needy people.

I know that there are no answers to these questions but still we need a change and we need to bring the change which is only possible by voting and bringing a new set of leaders.

Few personal reasons why I think we all should vote :

1.We have had enough of terrorism so now its time for peace to prevail. Check this out for more info - Nikhil Chawla's Official Website.

2.Corruption has ruined our country like a blood sucking leech.

3.Inflation is on all time high and sky rocketing even higher.

4.Its high time we change the leadership and see whose better.

5.Last but not the least – We need a change – Let’s Lead the change.

Now lets discuss all the frivolous reasons to Vote (All these are applicable after showing the voting ink on your finger):

  1. 20% Discount on Louis Phillippe.

  2. 15% Discount on Haldiram’s .

  3. 15% Discount on Fashion Bazaar.

  4. 20% Discount on Spykar Jeans.

  5. Discounts and Schemes at Full Circle and Cafe Turtle.

  6. 10% Discount at designer boutique WHITE in Hauz Khas.

  7. 100Rs off at Splash Water Park.

  8. 50% Discount on PVR Meal combo’s

Some helpful links for understanding Voting Guide:

Election Commission of India

Lead India

Jaago Re

Quote of the Day:

When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.

--Franklin D. Roosevelt

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lead the change

We can bring about a change.
We will bring about a change.

Gone are the days when we just stood helplessly gazing the sky with just one thought-"Someone will change the world".

Its the time,time to challenge the so-called government and show them that the youth can not always be subjected to low lying jeans,messed up hair,booze,ciggies,culture killer and million more.Its time to show them that if it comes to youth,just one decision made can lead the nation and nobody can stop the youth from doing so .

Lets come together and show the world that now India won't take anymore of it.
Lets come together and simply ROCK IT.!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

PETITION- India Peace Campaign

Dr. Manmohan Singh,
The Prime Minister of India

Room No. 152,
South Block, Raisina Hill,
New Delhi ,
India-110 001.

PETITION- India Peace Campaign

In the wake of the recent unfortunate events that have the shook the nation, the signatories of this petition are shocked, outraged and appalled. As concerned and responsible citizens of this nation we use this petition to express our extreme disappointment and discontent at the failure of the Government machinery in preventing and safeguarding the security of the common man.
The gruesome images of the Mumbai attacks are a stark reminder of our vulnerability-our porous borders and open waters. The fact that 10 terrorists were allowed to create havoc in the whole city underlines the basic fact; that how unprepared the whole system is. The image of a policeman fighting the terrorists having AK-47's with outdated rifles is a fearful one. What good is an ill-equipped security force in protecting the citizens?
After the Mumbai terror attacks, it is clear that armed security forces of India are the real heroes of our country. The retaliation by our security agencies despite so many limitations is inspiring to say the least.
We feel let down by our polity and the entire bureaucratic establishment of India.
The India Peace Campaign is a small initiative started by Eight college students and joined by people who shared their sentiments-The members of the India Peace Campaign are appalled ,saddened and disappointed at the same time at the callous nature adopted by the authorities in preventing (and subsequently controlling) such repeated acts of terror.
We believe that we voice the greater concern of the country when we ask for a peaceful India.

Our demand is simple: We want change. The signatories of the India Peace Campaign petition to the Government of India, the following remedial measures with immediate effect;
• With the safety of the citizens in your hands, a Federal Security System should be formed which would be better equipped to prevent and control unforeseen events that can be a threat to national security.
A better equipped security system requires efficient allocation of capital investment, adequate availability and access to the protective gear, arms and ammunition.
• A stronger intelligence network needed to better assess terrorist threats and report them across the security agencies so as to have a smooth transmission of information.
• Local law enforcement agencies should be better trained at crisis management, adequate availability and access to the protective gear, arms and ammunition.
• Sufficient Autonomy in security, investigative and intelligence agencies, higher level of freedom for decision making devoid of Political opportunism, to avoid filtered, misreported information and delayed action.
• Greater Remuneration Packages to our security personnel for their selfless service to the nation.

It is incumbent upon any government to ensure the security of its citizens. The Right to a Peaceful and Safe Life is one that we should not be forced to remind our governing authorities of or even fight for.
All that is needed is for those in seats of authority to deliver responsibly and hoping for this we request from the Government of India, under the leadership of the Prime Minister, that we are able to see the above necessary changes in the system, effective immediately.


India Peace Campaign

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


This is just to inform everyone of some IMPORTANT changes in the
Global Peace Walk. Our event page can be accessed at :

Due to problems in getting police permission for our prior venues,the locations for New Delhi and Mumbai have been changed.

The Updated Locations are:

For NEW DELHI : Jantar Mantar

For MUMBAI : CST bus depot

Details: Sanya Rai Gupta
Mobile: +919902772236

We have another coordinator for our PUNE PEACE WALK.
Details: Rishi Dogra
Mobile: +919922200001

has joined us in the peace walk and our goodwill ambassador,Rachit Jain,can be contacted at

PLEASE NOTE: If YOUR CITY isn't in the mentioned global peace walk event list and you'd like to hold a walk there, please message the DELHI goodwill ambassadors listed above - Deepti, Nirali or Riddhi and we can help you set up as a part of the global peace walk for 10th December in you city as well.
Hope to see you all there :)

Nirali has shared an event with you. To view the event or to reply to the message, follow this link:

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The incident that shook us all.

A group of young students, appalled by the Mumbai attacks, have decided that it's finally time to do something. Our campaign aims at spreading the message of unity and peace among people all over the world.
India Peace Campaign has decided to start off with a peace walk. Our intention is to have a harmless yet meaningful gathering of all those people who agree that terror cannot fight terror. Unity of the human race, destroying "terror" and "fear" from our hearts is the answer.

The peace walk is being held in various cities in India and all over the world on the same date and time to show everyone that we are truly together in recognizing the gravity of these events and in our willingness to do anything to make this world a better place to live in.

Join us, wherever you are, at the locations given below.

This peace walk is also in remembrance of those who lost their lives in these tragic events.

Please help us in a cause that is not just ours, but yours too. Wear a WHITE shirt on the day of the walk or a white ribbon if you don't have a shirt.



Location: Marine Drive

Kanika Nayar: or +91 9920061692
Nivedita Jairath: niv or +91 9930704099
Parineeta: +91 9869258090
Shariq: +91 9820804486


Location : India Gate, Rajpath

Deepti Gupta: or +91 9811661440
Nirali Vasisht:
Ridhhi Kapoor: or +91 9999020089


Location: Marina Beach

Smriti: or +91 9962452023
Kishore: or +91 9444803789



Varun: or +91 9836347160



Adveetiya Agarwal: or +91 976615001


Location: Gandhi Ashram

Sunny: or +91 9714844770





Location: Top'n Town, New Market

Aniruddh: or +91 9202209633









Rohit Arora: +33 623851246
Animesh Pathak: +22 625340218

The peace walk in Philadelphia took place on the 2nd of December due to some unavoidable circumstances. It was a successful event and we managed to get 100+ signatures for our petition to be sent to the Prime Minister Of India.You can contact our goodwill ambassador above if you want to contribute to the petition. Congratulations Philly!

Points to Remember:

1.Global Peace Walk- 10th Dec 2008, (Human Rights Day)
2.Everyone's requested to wear white (Wear a WHITE shirt on the day of the walk or a white ribbon if you don't have a shirt.)
3.The petition will be signed after the peace walk and the walk ends with the national anthem in all cities.
4.Most Importantly - Join Us and as its an open event please feel free to bring your friends and family to show the solidarity and willingness to bring the change.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Its is that time when we all our receiving hundreds of emails, participating
in 100 different discussions/ debates, watching the NEWS 24/7 all as a
result of 10.11.08- that fateful day, if I may call it so.

The nation is numbed, shocked- to say the least.There is anger residing inside
each one of us that is looking for ways to erupt.We're all asking the same
Is there and END?
can WE put an end to all this? You, Me, Us- who like to call ourselves

There are endless statements/ quotes/ discussions on how its time to ACT,
its time to DO something, we are all sick of fluff backed by no substance.

Yes it is time to ACT....because for so long all our nation has done is

*"India Peace Campaign" is an initiative by a bunch of individuals who like
to call themselves "Regular Civilians". Its is a campaign with the idea of
"Leading the Change". What Change? A change in the mindset of the people we
can influence. A change in the thought process. A change that is the need of
the hour. The aim of the campaign is to gather like minded people
who believe in standing up for the cause of the nation- as a nation. We
believe in defeating the very objective of these unethical, inhuman and
nothing short of ridiculous group of individuals called Terrorists- which is
to create Fear. So we started this campaign to just spread the message of
peace, love, harmony and above all INDIANness. Lets beat these terrorists
down to their basics. Lets all use our network to re-unite the country, for
the cause of the country. This campaign is about the spirit of the commoner-
the common citizen of India who shall not be afraid, who shall not play the
blame game, who shall not cause religious disharmony as a consequence of
these continuous atrocities by a bunch of frenzied minds. We all unite
together against TERRORISM. *

This Campaign aims at gathering as many like minded individuals as possible.
If you feel the way we do and want to create impact in your own capacity
then Just join us in spreading across this message. Become "Good Will
Ambassadors" . We aim at making maximum such ambassadors of positive change
in order to influence mindsets, get Our India together and remind these
anti-social elements - They might be able to kill our monuments but they can
NEVER Kill our Spirits!.
Once we get enough responses , we shall proceed with the rest- a PEACE WALK,
a FREE HUGS MOVEMENT, a PETITION to the parliament, MEDIA and everything
else we all can do in our own capacity.

*We started this campaign without affiliation to any political party,
religious community, social section of the society, caste, creed,
organization or even university. We have started this as campaign as
Indians, but above all as concerned Individuals who want to defeat the
terror that's being created and unite the country- our Beloved Bharat.* Join
in if you feel the same way as we do.

To be a part of this campaign-
Send an email to
The subject of the email should be - good will ambassador
Please include your Full Name, Email address, Name of city (as well as phone
number, if you want to).

Kindly help us spread this message across.. Email this to all the people you
can and want to. It takes only a few minutes to spread this message,each member of this campaign matters.You'd be surprised at how much a few voices can accomplish.

The PEACE WALK is intended for a common date to happen simultaneously across more than 15 Indian Cities and in Countries (US,UK,France,Australia,Poland,and any other country you want it to happen in)

"Where the mind is without fear
And the head is held high
Into that heaven of freedom my father,
Let my country awake"
- Rabindranath Tagore

If something has to change, someone has to change it.
Are you up for leading the change?

PLEASE NOTE-Our GoodWill ambassador headcount is crucial at Facebook,the widely used social networking website.If you are a member of facebook,We request you to join us(and invite everybody who shares your and our sentiments on this issue) at our Campaign page with the following weblink or Click join us on facebook on the left: